Launch CRP 129

launch CReader Professional 129 Or Launch Creader Viii code reader

Now the Launch products is hotting sale .especially the crp129 and the Launch Creader VIII Code reader .These two model the function is same .the different is just for the color .one is black and other one is red .which one do you like you could choose .

1: Launch X431 Creader VIII Comprehensive OBDII Code Reader
2: launch CReader Professional 129 CRP129 Multi-language Update Online

The two model all update on the line .and support the maulti-languages : English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian .

Pls note : Because some customer do not know how to regiested that .so we have registed that well before the delivery. When you receive the goods .you could directly to update .that is very easy .if you do not know how to update or you could not success to update .please contact with us .

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Way to diagnose Mercedes

If your Mercedes-Benz W203 C200K manufactured between 2001-2003, here i will recommend a cheapest and easiest way to read and clear trouble codes. You will like it, just read the article below:

W203 had a OBD-II port which allows you access to its Engine Control Unit (ECU) like monitors, RPMs, sensors, emission, mileage speed and an array of other parameters. When there is a problem with the car, the ECU triggers a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) or Fault Code by illuminating the Service Engine / Check engine on your instrument cluster. In this situation, You can use a device such as ELM327 OBDII Scanner Adapteras a Check Engine Light DTCs Reader which works on iOS system or Android system.

To solve the problem, below is what you need to do.

Turn your iOS iPhone iPad or Android phone into a basic car diagnostic scanner!

How to connect the Bluetooth Adapter to the OBD II port and your mobile phone?

1. Find the OBD-II port on your car.

2. Plug in the Bluetooth adapter into the OBD II port. Make sure that the lights turn on in your Bluetooth adapter.

3. Pair your phone with the adapter. Go to your phones settings, turn on Bluetooth. Then search for Bluetooth devices. You will see an OBD II device discovered. Click on it and you should input a pairing code. Try 1234 or 0000. If these two codes don’t work, read the manual for the Bluetooth adapter to find out what code is.

4. Go to the App Store and download a free OBD II app that will allow you to pair with your OBDII Bluetooth diagnostic scanner. Here we would recommend you try Torque App.

5. Download and open up your App and make sure it is connected to the Bluetooth adapter. You will be able to read live engine data such as RPMs, temperature, engine load and more. More importantly, you can troubleshoot Fault Codes and retrieve the trouble codes for you Mercedes-Benz.

6. Once you see the list of error codes, click on the Menu button and hit Clear / Erase Fault Codes. Please note that you should only delete the fault codes if the problem has been repaired. If you erase the fault codes without fixing the problem, the check engine light will turn on again. Depending on what triggered the check engine light initially, it may turn on right away or it could take a few days to come.

Benefits of using ELM327 Bluetooth to check the engine light:
ELM327 Bluetooth adapters are great as not only can read and erase the service engine light, but they also can be used to stream real-time information. Elm327 Bluetooth adapter paired with Torque app can provide valuable information such as:

Stream Realtime Information
Check / Read Fault Codes DTC
See Test Results
Provide Graphing
Display a tachometer or accelerometer
Record your 0-60 or 0-100 mph times.
Stream RPM
Fuel Flow Rates
Temperature of coolant, oil or intake air
Depending on the adapter that you use you may be able also to store profiles, get fuel economy readings, and horsepower.

Using this ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter as a scan tool is the cheapest way to troubleshoot your Mercedes-Benz W203 C200K . Not only will you be able to read and erase the fault codes (diagnostic trouble code), but you can use your phone to see if you are driving efficiently and check if you are ready for the emissions test via your iOS or Android Phones.

Other Bluetooth scanners that are highly rated work with most car models without problems you can find at www.cnautotool.com.
Note that these cheap Bluetooth OBDII scanners only read and erase the check engine light. If you need to read and clear codes from other control units such as ABS, SRS, ETS, TCU, you need to pay more for a professional scanner such as XTUNER E3, XTUNER X500etc.

Good Luck!  

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Update BMW E61 ECUs

Update BMW E61 ECUs with ICOM WinKFP,ISTA-D,INPA, etc

A while ago I tried to update our BMW E61 ’05 completely with Professional Diagnostic Tool. It stopped at the first ECU, the CAS, the car did nothing
Luckily I managed to get it working again with winKFP. After that I tried to update other ECU’s with winKFP, starting with the TEBF, the passenger door ECU.Then the car gave a lot of check control messages and the passenger door windows is not opening anymore, also the central locking on that door isn’t working. A dead ECU I thought. Next I looked for some other software, ISTA and ICOM A2 diagnostic & programming tool with software. In ISTA/D the TEBF responds, but it shows a very weird part number. I think the software is corrupt. And I tried to reprogram it with ISTA/P; however, i can’t get it connected. When starting a new session it finds the car, gets the VIN, model,and the option, but after that I get an error as follows:

An error roccurred on execution f the measure.
94201 Technical service initialisation failed
10007 (CIP) – Error during intitialistation of EDIABAS
94020 Determination of the vehicle context failed.

I do not know what this error means, and more important, how to fix it. So I posted this on the forum to get an ideal solution.

Here is the solution provided by a bro on the forum. He say:

“Your E60 is equipped with a MOST network. ISTA/P requires to see this connection before continuing with the session since ISTA/P uses MOST to access and program your MOST modules such as your CIC/MASK, CID, AMP, TCU, etc. Your K+DCAN connector does not have MOST access resulting in error. ISTA/P is not designed for modified INPA connectors therefore resulting in this error message.

ICOM A2 BMW diagnosis
was designed to connect ISID and ISTA/P to other hardware such as K+DCAN, ENET, and OPS without spending a few thousand dollars on an ICOM Clone back when they were first introduced on the market. It was successful and still is especially for the use with ISID or even ISTA/P when using OPS, ENET, or programming older vehicle pre-MOST. But unfortunately when it comes to MOST networks no way around it when using ISTA/P than purchase an ICOM, unless you use other tools such as WINKFP (which you have). Your MOST modules still have CAN networks which are used for diagnostics hence why you are able to communicate with them in ISID or INPA. This being said the only way around this with a MOST equipped vehicle is simple… buy an BMW ICOM A2. They are dirt cheap now on
www.cnautotool.com … approx $300-$550USD for the complete kit!! Which in hindsight is a STEAL especially if you compare a bricked $1500 MASK unit to it. Could have bought 3-5 ICOM’s for that price. Or as you have done already… take your chances with WINKFP but the solution is pretty simple here… Your $40,000 vehicle compared to a simple $300 ICOM which we will easily spend 10x the amount on a set of fancy rims which would look beautifully while being driven to the dealership… on the flatbed for a bricked DME … I think for $300-550 your BMW would look even better with those fancy rims while driving your BMW. ”

Nice bro on the forum who helped out with this error. To post this here, I hope I can help others also and help convince other user’s reading this post to buy an BMW Diagnostic Tool for diagnosis and programming as the cost of an ICOM in relation to the cost of an ECU is pennies.

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SDconnect C4

Star Diagnosis C3, C4, SDconnect C4, SD C5 Connect Comparison

Recently, lots of customers came to consult our Star diagnosis for their Mercedes Benz vehicles, and we customer found that it’s time to share some ideas with you all. Here, we objectively analyze Star diagnostic tools from a macro-perspective.

MB Star C3 Advantages:

MB Star C3 is called the best-quality Star diagnostic multiplexer.
—the most reputable/ well-received in the market;
—has a better performance and usually it will not happen to be poor connected or work stably during operation. Because of that, an increasing number of customers select MB Star C3 be their professional diagnostic equipment for Mercedes Benz cars.
—its technology and quality is developed after lots of experiments and improvement. The new version MB Star C4 need time to perfect its reliability and operation.

MB Star C4 Advantages:

The great performance of MB Star C3 is accepted by the market, while MB Star Compact-4, as a new-born and updated tool of C3, it also own its comparative advantages.
—is much different in the shape from Compact3;
—smaller in size, lighter in weight than Compact3;
—C4 2008 can do all the works what Compact3 does and it is the replacement of Compact3-Star.

MB SDconnect Compact 4 Advantages:

MB SD C4 overcomes the shortage of C3, C4.
—covers a wide range of vehicles including trucks and some cars that C3 and C4 do not support;
—supports wireless diagnose;
—not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS, but also UDS diagnose protocol. Because old MB STAR C4 main board do not have UDS chip, so old MB STAR C4 can not support it;
—now use Lan cable to connect, can fit all computers not only IBM T30;
—adopts Military quick swap technology, and supports 10,000 times pull plug, more stable;
—new star diagnosis MB SD Connect C4 (SP100-B) comes with D-LINK WIFI card.

Original BENZ SD C5 Connect Advantages
—covers all new Mercedes Benz models,W222, W221, W212, W203, 211,W 204,W207, W212, GL166, B 246, CLS 218, SLK172 and Smart405, 451, 452, 454
—efficient diagnostic program and complete vehicle database;
—advanced upgraded VCI+ communication interface;
—support Wired/ wireless connection.

Besides the software c3 and c4 own,it added three more software: SD Media, Xentry and Smart TAN Code.
SD Media: Video and PDF lessons;
Xentry:New software released by Benz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars. Xentry software for diagnosing W 204,W207 and W212 which C3 and C4 does not support;
Smart TAN Code: Opened special function in DAS program with Smart cars 405/ 451/452/ 454.Besides, it also opened more special functions, such as engineer mode, remove limitations,etc, which Star C3 and Star C4 do not have.

Nowadays, to buy a Star diagnostic mux with a laptop is more accepted by users. Plug and play!! Pre-install software in the laptop and use directly when users get it. MB SD Connect C4 with Dell D630, and BENZ SD C5 Connect with Panasonic tablet are two typical ones.  

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X431 Pro Mini

Launch X431 Pro Mini is a stylish Android-based vehicle trouble diagnostic tool. It inherits from LAUNCH’s advanced diagnosing technology and is characterized by covering a wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful functions, and providing precise test result.
Through the simple Bluetooth communication between the VCI module and X-431 PRO MINI, it achieves full car model and full system vehicle trouble diagnosis, which includes Reading DTCs, Clearing DTCs, Reading Data Stream,Actuation Test and Special Functions.
Moreover,it supports Wi-Fi connection, which enables you surf the Internet,update the diagnostic software online and perform remote diagnosis etc, getting your job fixed faster and easier.

1. Diagnostic Tool:
A. Diagnose
?Diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and Chinese. Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read data stream, Special functions etc.
?Specially designed for Android platform with clear and user-friendly interface.
?Via Bluetooth, it is simple for the VCI module to communicate with X-431 PRO MINI.
?Equipped with an exclusive X-431 PRO MINI protective sleeve to prevent it from being damaged.
B. One-click Update: lets you update your Auto Scanner Tools more efficiently.
C. Repair Data: provides abundant automotive handbook, repair case and wiring diagrams for reference and retrieval.
D. Remote Diagnosis: configures X-431 PRO MINI as an I/M(Instant Messaging) tool, which enables technicians to exchange repair experience and perform remote assistance more conveniently.
2. Browser: built-in Wi-Fi module makes surfing on the internet freely.
3. Email: allows you to send and receive emails.LAUNCH X-431 PRO MINI User Manual
4. Settings: to configure your personalized X-431 PRO MINI through it.
5. Applications: other android based applications can be customized to install or uninstall.

If you want know more,pls go to www.cnautotool.com  

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BMW ICOM A2 is the upgrade version of BMW ICOM, ICOM A2 is Second generation of BMW ISTA Diagnose and programming system. BMW ICOM A2+B+C has many version including the software version and wifi version. The detail introdution as the following:

This Car Diagnostic Tools BMW ICOM name old BMW ICOM A2, newer than BMW ICOM A1, the third Version BMW ICOM.
NO Software in defaut.
No Wifi function.

2014 New BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool without Software
This BMW ICOM name New BMW ICOM A2, the fourth BMW ICOM
NO Software in defaut. But pay attention, if you are first time to buy this machine, you must buy our software, can not use other software.
No Wifi function.

Super Version BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool With 2017.09 HDD
This BMW ICOM A2 is with Software,software running speed increase 30% And The software install very easy, compatible with D630, D620, E6420, E6400 E49, E420, E430, G570, X201, X200, X201T, T60, T61, T400, X61T, X60, X60 computers.
No time limitation for use. Once insert hard disk into your computer can automatically install.

2017.9 BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool with Wifi
This BMW ICOM name New Super BMW ICOM A2, the Fifth Version BMW ICOM
Including latest Software in defaut. must use our software.
With Wifi function.
More stable functions than other version.

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CAT Caterpillar ET

This Version CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic AdapterDisplay Status of All Paramet

CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter retrieve engine totals for fuel used, miles traveled, and hours Operated. CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter display status of all parameters, such as engine speed, Throttle position, timing advance, fuel flow, etc.

The PC-based service tools from Xtool Diagnostic Tools provide the capability to access Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) from a personal computer. Many job-critical tasks can be performed with an electronic service tool. The user can display the status of a group of parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc.) simultaneously, view active and clear logged diagnostics, display the current configuration of an ECM and much more. The service tool works with a communication adapter to allow connection to an ECM. A graphical interface makes this software quick to learn and easy to use. A separate pull-down menu for each function enhances the “ease of use.” The version and identification of the ECM is automatically retrieved and is displayed on a summary screen when the program is started. Xtool Diagnostic Tools Diagnostic tests and calibrations can also be performed.

Languages currently supported: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

CAT ET 2 function:

1. Display "Logged Event Codes" to show engine over speeds, High temperatures, fuel consumption, etc.
2. View ECM’s current configuration and change user settings
3. Perform diagnostic tests and calibrations, and calibrate
4. Electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic components
5. Context sensitive help leads operator through every task Cat ET can perform
6. Data Logger and Data Log Viewer allows recording of ECM signals for delayed troubleshooting capability.

Functionalities Shows all operating conditions that cause high repair costs such as:
Over speeds, high temperatures, fuel consumption, transmission shift counts. This can provide awareness to change operator

Cat "ET Trainer" is now included in ET Program. It allows Users to train and practice using Cat ET without a Communications adapter or Electronic Control Module (ECM).This is a free feature of Cat ET.


1. ECM Summary screen lists every control module on equipment
2.Being tested and gives information on these modules.
3. Fast hookup and real time display of systems status. Displays ,readings such as rpm, boost, pressures, temperatures, etc. for Easy troubleshooting.
4. Identifies faulty sensors, harness connectors, and system parameters which are out of specification. Allows customers
5. To help dealer identify problems without visiting machine.
6. Identifies intermittent sensors and wiring problems during Machine operation and keeps a record of each one. Shows when problem occurred and how often it happened.
7. Added information to allow customer to assist dealer in diagnosing and repairing problems. (Troubleshooting Help is not built in with in the program, you will still need go back to books in order to follow a repair description and steps in each Fault Code display within the program).English and metric units of measure integrated help file to easy learn the "How To" around the software.


(1) Designed to run with Microsoft Windows XP
(2) Ready to use, just install software program onto PC using provided CD

Package list:

1 x CAT Adapter II main unit
1 x USB cables
1 x Diagnostic cable
1 x Software CD (diagnostic program Caterpillar ET 2010)  

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